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 Stormwater Management Design:

POUND RIDGE,NY,  Lower Shad Road, residential client: We used  Low Impact Development (LID) site planning and design techniques, such as bioretention areas to the maximum extent practicable o reduce the generation of stormwater runoff and pollutant loads.

GRENWICH, CT,   residential clients: Stormwater management using Structural Stormwater BMP'S (Best Management Practices), such as rain barrels and infiltrators.

 Stream Stabilization Design:
NEW CANAAN,CT,  National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Glass House: pond dredging and stream stabilization.

Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer Separation and Sanitary Sewer Lining Construction Management:
City of Bridgeport, CT, The Water Pollution Control Authority

Construction Monitoring and Inspections:
After Hurricane Sandy we provided construction monitoring and inspections for remediation and  reconstruction of 111 Wall Street,  Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and other buildings.